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New Bellami Hair Extentsions

I've recently received my second order of the Bellami Hair.

I ordered the Balayage by Guy Tang in #8 Ash Brown/#60 Ash Blonde 20".

So many people have asked details about them so I figured I post it here. I love them and will definitely recommend them to anyone with a brown to blonde ombre like mine.

I cut my hair about 7 months ago right above my shoulders. I loved it for a little while but got over it quick especially when it started to grow back and it was at it's awkward length (not long enough & not short enough to style it how i'd like.) My hair is thick and the cut was very blunt. Took me a good 6 months to be able to put the clips back in and having them blend with my own hair. My hair is currently about 3 inches passed my shoulders.

They typically last about 3-6 months depending on usage. I didn't use mine constantly so mine lasted about a year before they started to thin out.

The recommended length of your hair is at least 6 inches.

They are comfortable and they have a strong hold.

Retail: $239.99

Look for discounts on Bellami Hair Instagram.

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